Warehouse Control Systems

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Integrated Weighing and Counting

MET warehouse systems are high-tech communication and computer and PLC integrated control systems that allow automatic weighing, image processing, and automatic product number calculation. Product planning, purchasing, production and logistics departments have become the nightmare, product counting, wrong product identification, missing product from sub-industry, inventory error due to wrong counting, inventory error due to misidentification, semi-products returned from production lines to warehouse, due to similar errors Many catastrophic problems such as having incorrect stock information or not knowing the location of the products are solved thanks to MET warehouse tracking systems. This unique system and process is designed for the solution of the above problems, and all product information, weight, quantity and all similar product information are processed in the database of MET and the process is continued by communicating with the customer's ERP system.

It is designed to meet process needs.

One of the profitable investment methods is the efficient operation of the warehouse using RFID warehouse management software and barcode. The warehouse control system (WCS) provides efficiency and profitability by effectively managing automation functions and controlling warehouse or distribution operations from all aspects. With the correct RFID inventory and appropriate data collection infrastructure (barcode and RFID), it is possible to reduce inventory, improve ordering accuracy, increase inventory accuracy, reduce shipping volume and prevent overpaying the missing product. In addition to verifying physical inventory, it enables management features such as reporting and valuation. It provides basic functions for warehouse operations, including reporting and barcode. Identification and verification of the products entered into the system can be done automatically or manually by photographing the incoming or outgoing products with an IP camera integrated into the system. The warehouse control process, with its flexible and modular structure and reliable hardware, can be tailored to customer demands and can meet additional function demands. MET warehouse automation offers turnkey solutions. The internal weighing, counting and image processing system is directly integrated into the ERP system.


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