Rotor Shaft Mounting System

Project Details

Accuracy and Repeatability

The MET rotor shaft assembly machine has outstanding precision and high Cpk. It has. Shafts are mounted in the package with a tolerance of ± 0.1 mm. Maximum circular wear is 0.005 mm per mile and 0.05 mm per package. The MET shaft mounting system achieves these tolerances with its advanced rotor shaft and pack guidance. Flawless Pre-Balanced Rotor Packages Unique Mounting Method MET has developed a unique mounting method for rotor packages. The hydraulic cylinder presses the package with an external optical encoder with a precision of 0.03mm, then the mounting head precisely inserts the rotor shaft into the guided servo motor shaft, allowing the shaft to be driven to the desired extent. This system has 8 seconds cycle time in 60 mm high packs. Automatic Feeding System Rotor shafts and rotor packages automatically feed the press. In addition, when taking the rotor packages from the pallet, full automatic magazine feeding can also be made using robotic arms. Fully automatic product packaging can also be made by applying a similar loading system at the exit.

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