Refrigerator Inner Body Plastic Trim Mold

Project Details

They are PLC molded smart molds that pierce water duct, lamp hole, air duct and similar elements with high repetition precision in refrigerator inner body plastics. Due to today's increasing demand for energy efficiency, new products that consume much less energy are being designed each year, and these products are increasingly complicated and sensitive. These sensitivity requirements require the production process of the refrigerator body, which has an important place in refrigerator production, to be more controlled and reliable. These smart molds and presses with MET design enable the production of more than one product of different sizes by enabling the use of the same mold and the model change times within minutes, and the changes in the same product within seconds. These molds, which have very high dimensional accuracy, are also indispensable elements of a reliable production process with their very high repeatable dimensional stability (Cpk). However, thanks to its unique automatic and controlled deburring and cutting systems, it can operate without fail and maintenance during long working periods. High quality Aluminum body hydraulic cylinders used in the molds allow the maintenance personnel to make more planned and reliable maintenance plans with their standard and rack goods spare parts (Japanese made SMC hydraulic and pneumatic systems) thanks to their compact structures and magnetic integrated sensors. Thanks to the MET software and quality hardware used in these dies and presses, the dies and presses prevent the unnecessary downtime and maintenance of the personnel by notifying the user of the defects or condition deficiencies via the OP panel.

Project Information