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Metwave Microwave Systems


METWAVE, which is a patented R&D project and also a TÜBİTAK 1501 project; It is an industrial microwave oven system specially designed for tempering, drying, sterilization, cooking or heating processes. System; It raises the core temperature of the product and reaches the minimum cooking temperature quickly and efficiently. This results in less moisture on the outside of the product, less heat, without color and image changes, and improves efficiency. In addition to increasing the yield, it also reduces the total inventory cost by reducing the inventory requirement. In addition, our industrial microwave oven has a high efficiency compared to other food processing methods. Thanks to its flexible and programmable control, recipes can be created as desired. Thanks to the special sensors owned by MET, the temperature trend can be monitored throughout the entire travel of the product. Microwave is not only in the food field; snack foods, spices, biomass, industrial foam, metallurgy, fiber drying, drying forest products, coal improvement, dyes, marble drying, leather drying, fiber drying, paper drying and cardboard production drying, ceramic drying, viol drying and porcelain drying used in many areas. In order to be easily cleaned and monitored, doors are placed in the system at certain intervals. The microwave oven is made of food-grade stainless steel. The silencers at the inlet and outlet ensure that there is no microwave leakage in the surrounding work area and that the system reliably delivers microwave energy. BAT guarantees that the level of leakage around the machine is below 5 mW / cm2 with the field measurements it performs..

Every system we make can be customized to suit customer facilities and requirements:

• Compatibility with new facility floor plans and extensions

• Material feeding to the furnace can be arranged according to customer needs • Local electricity transformation for the residential areas of the facilities

• System in accordance with the law and related rules

• Special line additions such as slicers, blowers, washers, dryers, mixers and conveyors

• Sterilization studies



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