Pulley Assembly with Force Sensor and Image Processing

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It is the workstation where the assembly and screwing operation of the pulley is done by an employee in the assembly line, where the washing machine is mounted. In this station, the operator takes the pulley in a plastic case standing behind the boiler group on the pallet standing in front of the assembly band, and attaches it to the boiler group shaft with a toothed form, and then takes the screw, which is placed in a plastic box, and places it on the boiler shaft. The pulley screw is tightened at the next station. At the station to be designed, all of these works will be carried out unmanned, including the tightening of the pulley screw. For this purpose, a 6-axis robot will be used. First of all, a camera will be placed on this robot arm in order to determine the parts it will take and the point it will be mounted, and digital data transfer will be provided to the robot using image processing technology. The pulleys coming from the automatic magazine will return to the pulley installation position after taking the pulley with the holder attached on the load cell after the direction and position control is done with the camera on the robot arm, and will determine the location of the pulley shaft by taking the image with the camera for the 2nd time. After the position information is transferred to the robot arm, the robot arm will take the pulley to the position and pass the pulley on the shaft by performing force control and rotation at the same time. Following the assembly of the pulley, the robot arm will go to the screw-taking position and take the screw from the feeding system with the special design holder on it and place it on the screw boring tool tip. Then, as the robot returns to the pulley receiving position, the screw borer will move forward and tighten the screw to the pulley shaft.


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