Linear Robots

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LRX / LRX-S series Linear Robots

Linear robots of the MET LRX series are the first choice for reducing the cost of manufacturing while increasing the product quality in the standard process. Whether integrated into the injection molding machine control system or as a standalone version, they contribute to processing a wide range of tasks and adding active value throughout the process.

Your advantages: Thanks to the same approach of injection molding machine and robot control, it is easy to teach LRX series program and control. In case of problems, storing robot and machine data together is very stable and reliable in order to facilitate solving the problem.

The high functionality of our systems (such as conveyor belts, runner gutters and protective covers) is based on the appropriate range with standard environmental components.

LRX series, dynamic, fast and precise With this +/- 0.1 mm repeatable position precision, you can achieve deformation in less than a second.

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