Intelligent Precision Drilling Tools

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Complete Solutions for Pressing and Forming

In mass production systems, it is very important to produce products or semi-products economically with stable and fully automatic processes. MET offers you comprehensive solutions for your production processes. Our portfolio manufactures high-quality custom devices, tools and systems, as well as engineering and projects to create integrated, reliable complete solutions for mass production. One of these solutions is presses using electrical or hydraulic power sources and smart mold systems used in these presses. With the use of smart motion and positioning systems in the molds we produce, we ensure that sensitive and quality products are produced with high efficiency and economy.

Accuracy in High Accuracy Guidance

One of these solutions, punching / cutting tools are used to cut the inner and outer lines and holes of the pre-pressed, injected, foamed components. MET is especially specialized in high-quality three-dimensional full boards, door panels, ceiling coverings, or punching and cutting products such as acoustic and insulation components, shaped plastics. The automation of cutting systems produced by MET provides full integration with robot-supported transport systems, enabling the production of highly efficient processes. The cutting system is powered by an industrial 6-axis robot or a cartesian robot. After drilling, burrs are automatically removed from the system, allowing the system to operate without any problems and clean. The second robot automatically receives the product in the next process, allowing a conveyor conveyor to be safely out of the working area by placing it in the finished product section. MET is an expert in all types of drilling and cutting operations. You can take advantage of our expertise in industrial robots using flexible cutting systems and automatic cutting systems and all other cutting technologies.

Your benefits: 

 -Highly flexible cutting systems

 -Low punching tool wear

 -Short cycle time, high volume production

 -Low maintenance cost Efficient waste storage even for large production volumes


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