CERBERUS Automatic Screwing Robot

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It is now possible to reach infinite points on a plane with Cerberus axis systems, which MET Advanced Technology Systems made patent application in 2015. So how does Cerberus do this and what advantage does it offer? If you want to relocate a point on a plane, you need to change the positions of that point on the X and Y axes. The meaning of this situation in the industry is that 2 motors controlling X and Y axes move and move A1 point to A2 point. In other words, we need a mechanism with at least 2 motors to move point A1 to point A2. Let's make the situation more complicated. Let's place point A, point B and points C on a plane in figure 2 below. In this case, let's move A1, B1, C1 points to A2, B2 and C3 points. Considering that a point requires 2 axes with motor to change the coordinates, it is obvious that 3 points need 6 motors to displace. So how can we position so many axes and motors without interference and can we really reach every point? It is impossible for some situations. So, How will it be? How will this need be met? Let's give a very current example; The boilers of washing machines are now manufactured with the use of plastic materials due to their energy savings and cost advantages in both material and workmanship. The imbalances caused by the centrifugal forces and inertia occurring during the washing and spinning periods on the boilers of the washing machines manufactured using plastic are solved with the mounting of upper and lower balance weights.





Usually these balance weights are connected to the boiler by screwing them at minimum 3 points. These ports naturally change as the boiler model changes.




However, due to advancing material technologies and types, boiler production from different materials is also one of the real situations. Therefore, since the pulling values ​​after molding are different, different connection points are formed in the same model. Another issue is the need to change the attachment points of the balance weight during the development of new products. So, how do we solve all this without any model change time and 100% access guarantee?



The patent-pending solution of MET leads to the production of washing machines and similar products in need of multiple screwdriving. The system, which makes the model definition of the product using the RFID communication system, makes the screwing process by going to the screw points defined in the model automatically. CERBERUS takes the screws from a vibrator setter using the magnetic field controlled automatic centering and separation system developed by MET. CERBERUS performs the screwing process by reaching all the points in the plane, and the TORK values ​​of the fastened screws and other desired information are written in the RFID Tag on the product or in the assembly tape. The system can also record and store all production statistics and transfer them to production management systems or external memories. As in this example, CERBERUS can be used for screwing, as well as for drilling, milling, riveting, etc. needs. A rotary table can be added to CERBERUS so that it can perform multiple operations on a product. For example, in the furniture industry, products such as bed bases can be rotated on the rotary table to perform position control and can perform operations such as drilling, screwing, milling in different positions at once.


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