Automation and Control Systems

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Integrated Automation

Complex production tasks require individually planned machines and system needs. These products, which are intended for human use, such as automobiles and durable consumer malls, are used daily and require reliable design and production of a wide variety of porosesses. These processes generally include a wide range of sheet metal or granular plastic or chemical, cutting, punching, edge wrapping, bending, pressing, painting, polyurethane, screwing, gluing, boiling, testing, assembly and packaging of various semi-finished products. It covers the needs of warehousing and follow-up. In line with these scopes, MET develops machines and systems that are newly designed or integrated seamlessly into the existing production environment, with capacity, price and quality optimization, and makes them available to customers. Hydraulic, pneumatic and electro-mechanical and robotic functions and their combinations are applied to find the most suitable solution to the need.

Optimum solutions with high harmony and cooperation

MET Automation works with you as a system partner to achieve optimum system solutions with machine-to-automation engineering process. Using its high technology level, know how and its experience in product and production processes, especially in white goods, it carries out its production by designing the integration of this product into the existing process or designing complete new process solutions in line with the needs

Process and Robotics

The increasing labor costs of today pose a threat to decrease the export capacity by reducing the competitiveness of our country. Increasing domestic costs have the potential to reduce inflation by increasing product prices in the domestic market. Although all these requirements put pressure reduction pressure on the producers, the most important solution is to make the product processes more technological. Although it is not possible to reduce the cost of the product without the loss of quality due to the nature of the products, the costs can be dramatically reduced by providing a transition from a labor-intensive production system to a fully automated process. MET, by designing and producing unique processes for the extraordinary use of robotic arms with its high technology and knowledge level, reduces the cost pressure of our industrialists and increases the sales opportunities.




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