Izmir Company Sells Technology to the World


The number of small companies producing technology in İzmir is increasing day by day. One of these companies is “MET Advanced Technology Systems” located in İzmir Teknopark within the İzmir Institute of Technology. The company had entered the sector conducting small scale R&D activities and it has now transformed into an enterprise which produces technological solutions for important global players. The company has created 11 patent applications, a utility model and 2 brands in the last two years. It also has 5 TUBITAK projects, 1 of which is continuing, as well as a KOSGEB Industrial Application Project.

The company has achieved great success by becoming the only company from Turkey to be accepted to bid for the system that separates CMS' plates, which is the largest particle accelerator of Cern, all thanks to the domestic Telescopic Synchronous Hydraulic Axes technology it produces.

Thanks to its Industrial Polyurethane Fixture technology developed with the Siemens Simotion products, MET has developed projects for electrical axes that stimulate Rocket Launchers. The company also produces microwaving systems on process development for drying inorganic products, sterilization and pasteurization alternatives. With these systems, MET resolves the aflatoxin problem which is the biggest export issue.

MET performs polishing, weighing, grinding, deburring, boring, part placement, gear and frame attachment processes, breaking new ground in Turkey. The company offers industrialists low-cost solutions. Providing services for leading companies in the sector with robotic solutions, the company is on its way to becoming one of the most important ones in Turkey in the field of technology.