High Effiency Heat Exchangers

Innovation Details

Alumina Radiators

MET´s high efficiency heat exchang-er innovation prototyped and tested as aluminum radiators. With Aluminum’s unique features, Alumina have esthetic, unique designed profiles that enable high heat transfer. We can size and color our radiators according to customer needs. Our lean and simple manufacturing pro-cess reduced our costs.


A flexible and cheap solution for all




Heat Exchangers Everywhere
Our patented idea of heat exchangers could be used in many applications. Such as;


  •  Underground heat exchangers

  • Wall and floor heating

  • Green house heating

  • Electrical Heaters




Our innovation is the way we manufacture our heat exchanger. In our alu-minum extruded heat exchangers, heat transfer fluid is carried with a single piece fluid carrier. Being a single piece fluid carrier, Alumina heat exchangers have no mechanical connections neither welds or solders. Hence we can ac-commodate higher pressures. With this unique feature we can also carry corro-sive fluids in our exchangers.
Our heat exchanger is used across all industries, and able to manage a multiple of hot and cold side fluids, Alumina heat exchanger provides the per-fect solution to a wide range of industrial and domestic application needs. The fluid carrier patterns are particularly well suited to fluids in the lower viscosity range, such as water, juices, glycol, light solutions, CIP and suspensions con-taining small particles. Primary media such as steam, superheated water and diathermic oil can all be accommodated.



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